At press time the election results are not great for Jorgensen/Cohen, or any federal Libertarian candidates.  I have a post-mortem written, which I will publish after all the votes have come in.  However, before all of the analysis, criticism where necessary, and yelling at everyone else where appropriate, let me say this.

Dr. Jo Jorgensen and Mr. Spike Cohen, you both campaigned your asses off.  You worked tirelessly to bring the message of liberty to people all across the country, including to many places and groups that that message had never even existed before.  You never compromised the message, you spoke truth to power, and you were our voice for the entire campaign season.  I have nothing but thanks and gratitude to both of you.  It was an honor meeting both of you at your campaign events.  You inspired me to get back into activism after many years away, and to start this little blog after a decade of dreaming about it.  You’ve inspired a whole new crop of activists, volunteers, and candidates who will take the message forward into the future.

My words are insufficient to convey my gratitude.

Thank you.  From the bottom of my cynical heart, thank you.